Too much operational noise?

You want to step away from the day to day running of the business and feel confident it will still grow and be profitable.

However you find yourself copied in on group e-mails and drawn into decision making and problem solving that just shouldn’t need your input.

You're not getting the right results?

You aren’t clear what to measure and track to get the right results in the business.

Are you working on data that shows what happened last month or last year but it doesn’t guide your decision making for this month never mind next year?

You have to chase everything?

Meetings aren’t effective enough. People don’t seem to listen, contribute or take ownership of the things that need doing, and when they promise to do something it just doesn’t seem to get done.

The future depends on you?

You never seem to have the time or energy to develop a decent strategic plan with your senior team.

Do you have doubts how useful it will be anyway? And what’s more, you think they’ll shove it in a drawer while getting on with the challenging stuff of running the business day to day? But the business has to shift up a gear to be successful...

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