Monthly Archives: September 2011

Leadership: ‘the ability to inspire followship’ #6

To shopw good Leadership… (more ‘Shoulds‘ rather than Musts…) One SHOULD:

Understand and Know How to Deploy Technology

  1. Search for breakthrough technologies and practices
  2. Make critical links between technology and the market place
  3. Follow rigorously an innovation process
  4. Be open to new ideas
  5. Strive to continuously shorten the innovation cycle
  6. Aim for lowest cost in innovative ways
  7. Satisfy customer’s expectations proactively
  8. Try to obsolete the existing and be impatient for change
  9. Think BIG

Be Able to Deal with Ambiguity

  1. Be comfortable with ‘grey’ situations
  2. Understand that compromise and ‘muddling through’ are acceptable as long as basic values and goals are not compromised
  3. Manage ‘dotted line’ relationships as effectively as ‘solid line’
  4. Deal constructively with conflict and disagreement
  5. Build good working relationships with people beyond one’s sphere of control
  6. Separate the important from the unimportant

Have a Balanced and Healthy Life Style

  1. Take care of one’s physical condition
  2. Get enough time away from the job
  3. Create balance between work and non-work activities
  4. Use other interests for new perspectives