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Leadership: ‘the ability to inspire followship’ #5

To be show good Leadership… (now for the ‘Shoulds‘ rather than the ‘Musts‘…) One SHOULD

Have Had Different Work Experiences

  1. Have experience in both line and staff positions
  2. Be exposed to different disciplines like Marketing, Manufacturing & Finance
  3. Use your experience to be sensitive to different view points

Have Developed an International Orientation

  1. Take the opportunity to live or travel extensively outside ones own country
  2. Build understanding of different cultures
  3. Be comfortable and effective in working and travelling in the ‘global village’
  4. Speak a foreign language if possible
  5. Use international experience in business dealings
  6. Practice diversity as a real competitive advantage

Be Financially Adept

  1. Understand and be comfortable with P&L and Balance Sheet Management
  2. Have good analytical skills
  3. Be able to grasp detail
  4. Be comfortable using basic financial tools
  5. Comprehend and use economic data and trends to advantage
  6. Understand financial markets