Monthly Archives: November 2011

Leaders have ‘the ability to inspire followship’ #4

Leaders MUST:

Develop Good Strong Subordinates for Succession

  1. Look constantly for people smarter than oneself
  2. Spot future leaders and mentor them
  3. Set high standards in people selection
  4. Take chances, especially with young people
  5. Get ‘uncommon’ results from ‘common’ people
  6. Promote based on Values, Vision and Performance
  7. Make career development a top priority

Be an Optimist and have a Sense of Humour

  1. Laugh constantly about life’s quirks and especially oneself
  2. Display enthusiasm and infect others with it
  3. Kid other people in a non malicious way
  4. Always be an optimist, especially in the darkest hour
  5. Have a persistent, can-do attitude
  6. Develop accurate self-assessments, and change accordingly
  7. Appreciate luck