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Leaders have: ‘the ability to inspire followship’ #3

Leaders MUST:

Be a Catalyst for Change

  1. Champion new ideas
  2. Tolerate and support unconventional people
  3. Be willing to change everything except the basic values
  4. Keep learning, self improving, expanding and renewing
  5. Be intolerant of the status quo
  6. Drive constantly for better solutions
  7. Be flexible

Have Earned the Trust of the Organisation

  1. Build confidence and credibility
  2. Put the best interests of the company and its people above self
  3. Know that personal success comes only from group success
  4. Lack ‘turf’ consciousness
  5. Be perceived as a leader – not just a manager
  6. Lavish praise on others, accept blame personally
  7. Create an atmosphere that makes everyone want to work for you

Be a Listener and an Enabler

  1. Be visible
  2. Have enough modesty to doubt and question. Don’t have all the answers
  3. Be a quality coach to others
  4. Show belief in team play and horizontal relationships
  5. Participate openly and encourage unafraid plain talk
  6. Ask for help when needed and shamelessly accept
  7. Say thank you and reward others
  8. Get uncommon results from common people