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Leaders have ‘the ability to inspire followship’ #2

Good leaders MUST:

Be Risk Takers

  1. Take the initiative
  2. Be decisive and move quickly when appropriate
  3. Accept responsibility
  4. Have no consuming fear of failure
  5. Hear and accept bad news, add it to experience, and move on
  6. Speak up and give opinions – without creating resentment
  7. Be quick to accept blame
  8. Reject, when appropriate, the logical and decide by instinct and heart

Have a Proven Track Record

  1. Do the right things to achieve superior profitability
  2. Demand outstanding performance over time. Hold yourself and your people accountable
  3. Regularly assess results and make necessary course corrections
  4. Concentrate on high impact opportunities
  5. Believe that preformance over time outweighs charisma
  6. Have a bias for action and a sense of urgency
  7. Be orientated at all times towards achievement