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Leaders have ‘the ability to inspire followship’ #1

The start of a sequence of definitions I picked up about the key features and characteristics of great leaders. With the key wisdom that Leadership is ‘the ability to inspire followship’.

Leaders MUST

Develop and Communicate a Rallying Vision

  1. Make it simple, clear, understandable
  2. Inspire others by selling one’s ideas
  3. Be driven by customer needs
  4. Project self confidence
  5. Show commitment
  6. Focus on the long term
  7. Develop a ‘road map’ for achievement

Be a Strategic Thinker

  1. Understand customer expectations
  2. Utilise experience and intelligence to make good judgements
  3. Anticipate the future and spot ‘paradigm shifts’
  4. Work comfortably at the conceptual level
  5. Balance short and long term business goals
  6. Understand corporate and unit strategies and goals
  7. Be willing to make trade offs
  8. Know your competition’s strategies, strengths and weaknesses
  9. Capture reliable information from a variety of sources