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Why We Nearly Bought New Mugs

When we started working together as Spring Leadership back in 2013 our guiding principle was ‘Work Hard and Be Nice to People’ – it’s how we treat everyone we come into contact with and it means we’ve had some fantastic collaborations and clients.

And when we say ‘nice’ that doesn’t mean we don’t say difficult and challenging things when they need to be said. It’s not nice for that elephant in the room never to be brought to your attention, but we do offer our challenge at the right moment, and with the right amount of support, so it’s actually useful to you. You’ll get a good idea of what to do with that elephant too.

We nearly bought mugs with Work Hard and Be Nice to People on, but that seemed a bit much.

The Grit in the Oyster

Later we considered what Spring Leadership uniquely offers and we realised we have a special tension between us (resulting in many a robust discussion!) which we named the Grit in the Oyster. It means we’re never quite satisfied – we wrestle with issues to find the pearls…. For example, we didn’t want to design and deliver any old Leadership Programme; we wanted it to be accredited and deliver significant ROI to our client. But then we spotted some workshops were enthusiastically consumed only to transfer a limited amount of benefit directly into the workplace. So we developed an in-house, online modular approach to learning because we know that people need to test out new behaviours in the work situation if you want change to actually happen. The learning becomes ‘live’ and part of the day-to-day.

That Grit in the Oyster means we keep developing how we work with you, reaching out to people who can help us help you even better, or experts who might also be able to help your business grow. We also have supervision with the Mick Jagger of the Team Coaching world, Professor Peter Hawkins,  to make sure we get significant support and challenge for ourselves, so we are well placed to support and challenge you.

We Won’t Create Dependency

We want to partner you in the business. We want to help you, your senior team and your business to develop and grow sustainably until you don’t need us anymore. Instead you will talk about what we did to help you on your way. We get most of our work through word of mouth recommendations. We don’t create dependencies and we won’t overstay our welcome.

Who are Spring Leadership?

Corine Hines






For the business stuff.

‘After 10 months of coaching with Corine, my attitude about myself, my career and my business focus has changed markedly. As part of the Spring Leadership programme, Corine’s coaching has given me the courage to make and embrace change and to move forward by making choices that benefit me, not just looking out for everyone else. She balances this well with a focus on my business goals that are already seeing a benefit to my company. I want to emphasise that Corine does not make decisions for me but instead has helped me develop ways to deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness, and she is helping me at least develop a plan or concept for what I want my career to look like moving forward. I have come to regard Corine as a valued business advisor. She is also warm and friendly and for me personally, has the perfect coaching style to maximise the sessions we have together.’ Tech Capability Team Lead

When I’m not being taught all the flags of the world by my 9-year-old (please don’t test me), I can be found striking a crow pose in yoga or writing short stories and plays – both of which I try and often fail to do on a daily basis. I could happily sit under the shade of a tree reading my Kindle for long stretches of time but I rarely get the chance (see 9-year-old and the flag education).

Steve Lobley







Business Stuff


Because it’s not all about work here are some other snippets. I like climbing, outdoors especially, mainly because ‘we don’t get chased by bears anymore’ – as a friend of mine once said, something about getting close to the edge and the  ‘flow’ that is needed to climb well. I like to be challenged in my work too, put myself in difficult and challenging situations and work out how to solve them. I’m a bit restless, ‘restlessly dissatisfied’ probably sums it up – always looking for either something new to do or get my teeth into or an interesting person or business to be engaged with (see Grit etc). Can’t sit down for long (bad back too) and would not be able to sit on a beach in the sun for longer than about 10 minutes. Passion, drive(n), intensity and determination are probably in my word cloud…