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New Leaders and Managers – some tips for those first 30 days.

A great article here from Jeanne DeWitt, a former director at Google. One of the scariest and most daunting career moments for anyone in business is the move into a senior position. Like bringing a baby home for the first time you feel you haven’t been taught what to do – sometimes you feel you’re making it up as you go along, having to trust your instincts!
At Spring several of our collaborative team have extensive experience in not only making the change themselves  but also coaching new managers and leaders as they make the transition – and I mean into leadership not having a baby! Corine Hines, Nick Shaw, Ann Sherington and Geraldine McCullagh – all of them can help, and of course so can I. However, just to get you started is a great article from Jeanne.

In the first 30 days good leaders:


‘Be as open and transparent about what you’re thinking as quickly as possible’

Ask questions:

‘I make a rule that about 50 percent of the words coming out of my mouth should end with a question mark’’

Figure out what people really want to do:

‘Meet with all of your direct reports for at least an hour within your first week. Ask them about what they really enjoy doing and what they aspire to be doing’

Get their hands dirty.

‘Spend time doing the work that your team actually does. Not only does this help establish you as someone who leads by example, but you also learn first-hand about all of the different challenges that people experience every day’

Are decisive.

‘Once you have a good lay of the land, explicitly lay out your vision and then plan to start moving toward it’
Check out the whole article yourself – some really sound advice. Share your experiences with us if you like, or make contact to see what we might be able to do to help.

Doing Less, Leading More – the type of leadership that get things done

Here’s a great article on a key theme – doing and leading. I think it asks some really valuable questions about something that is quite close to my heart, and in actual fact at the top of the page right here on the blog. Take a look:

The key distinction and insight I believe is that to do less and lead more you have to be able to get things done through and with, people. There is no point in being a good leader, in fact you are not being a good leader if things are not being achieved, getting done…. The question is how.

Are you getting it done by doing it yourself, or by doing through other people, by leading them? An interesting and perennial problem we’ve all grappled with. The instinct to roll up ones sleeves and crack on and do it yourself and be the pacesetter, is very strong, but ultimately that is not leadership.

As the article says………‘the softer skill sets, the real leadership, the ability to work with others and through others, to execute, that is still in very scarce supply.” Learning how to do this and to embed it into the culture of the organisation is the challenge.