Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Do you have people in senior positions because they’ve performed well up until now but they’ve yet to have ‘proper’ training on how to perform as a leader?

According to a global 2011 survey by Development Dimension International (DDI), approximately two-thirds of leaders and the same proportion of HR professionals rate the effectiveness of leadership development in their company as only moderate, low, or very low. As for the existing quality of leadership, 38% of leaders and only 26% of HR professionals rate it very good or excellent. Worse, a meagre 18% of HR professionals believe they have the quantity and quality of leaders they’ll need over the next few years.

The next generation of leaders need to have a wide variety of skills to deal with the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), they need to be emotionally intelligent to work effectively with their people, and they need to be able to collaborate and influence across the organisation and beyond.

Leadership Development has moved on since the days of content heavy training sessions where the return on investment is minimal at best. If your people aren’t learning useful frameworks they can actually apply, trying out the new behaviours as they learn them in workshops, and then experimenting with them back in the workplace –don’t expect much to change.

As well as face to face workshop and seminar learning, we use online modular learning methods to support our Leadership Programmes. Smiley faces on workshop ‘happy sheets’ aren’t enough – when your Finance Manager goes on to successfully carry out effective and professional 121s for the very first time – you know you’re getting results immediately.

“Wise owners do not blame the fish for their poor appearance or performance. They do not take the fish out from time to time to give them a spot of training, tell them to smarten up and look lively, then plop them back in the same dirty water. Instead, they clean the tank.” Dr William Tate.

Our Leadership Development Programmes are practical, engaging, create change and deliver observable results. We will deliver results that will more than pay for the investment. We can help you develop the people in your organisation so that they, and your business, can grow. We like to work with you from start to finish to design exactly what you need.  Our programmes are also CMI accredited, so they get a qualification in Leadership that means something.

 “The Spring Leadership Programme was superb and of high quality. A very worthwhile investment by my company. The extensive and multi-layered programme provided me with the insight, knowledge and self-awareness I needed to fully understand my strengths and apply them in a more considered way.”


‘This is a remarkable programme and I feel proud to have been part of it. Any doubts I might have had about “yet another management course” were dispelled within an hour of the start of the first session. The quality of the teaching, the materials, and the planning was all very high. More importantly, the effect it has had on me as an individual is very positive. I now feel empowered to lead – it’s as simple as that. I also know that leadership is difficult and the creation of the “cohort” is the final triumph of the course, providing a powerful support structure for all of the candidates. Thank you.’  Service Delivery Manager


‘It’s been a long hard road……but overall I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Before this programme, I’ve always been on shorter, “boot camp” like courses where you don’t get the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice until afterwards, and more often than not, you forget most of it and use little of it.  This course has allowed us to learn, practice and apply the new skills in the workplace with real situations and this I have found most beneficial of all.  The Cohort I know will continue to work together and I feel I have developed stronger relationships, both personal and professional with all of them.’